Academic Publications

Here you can find links to my published academic production on semiotics and cultural criticism. All texts are available online, and most can be downloaded freely.


2016—Recurrences and Human Agential Meaning Grounding: Laying a Path in Walking. Biosemiotics No. 24. Vol. 9, Núm. 2. Pp. 169—184. doi:10.1007/s12304-016-9267-2. (In English)

This is an article about how meaning is grounded in processes I call ‘recurrences’, which conform the evolutive, developmental and social history of individuals. These recurrences define the abilities that help an agent to make sense of its world. My proposal also tries to establish links between enactive cognitive science and biosemiotics.

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2015—Artistas e identidades discursivas. El gran telón, el Luis Caballero de la crítica y el Caballero de Caballero. Hallazgos No. 24. Vol. 12, Núm. 24. Pp. 19—30. doi: (In Spanish)

This article is about how different discourses can create an artist’s public identity. In this case I compared art critics’ account on the artwork “El gran telón” by the Colombian artist Luis caballero versus the artist’s account on his own work. Spoiler!: Caballero hated what critics said about his work, even though they loved “El gran telón”. 

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2014—Personajes indecisos: discurso, identidad e incertidumbre narrativa. Hallazgos No. 22. Vol. 11, Núm. 22. Pp. 41—49. doi: (In Spanish)

This is an article about how it can be an interesting narrative strategy to confuse an audience by making fuzzy and undetermined the identity of characters in a story. I present some interesting examples from books, movies, tv shows, and even real life. Aha! And if you have seen my artworks you’ll know that I also use such strategy myself!

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Also, even though this does not fit in academic publications strictly, I wrote many columns about art in a website I co-edited called El Parcero (‘Parcero’ in spanish means ‘friend’). You can read my columns (in Spanish) here. I also recommend you to see the whole website, there are movies and books reviews, writings about cultural experiences, and even comics.