Signotron is a series of apps that you can use to play, experiment and learn about semiotic concepts like: abstraction, codification, conventional languages, iconic and symbolic signs. If all that sounds weird, check my comic about semiotics (clic aquí). NOTE: All the instructions for the apps are in Spanish, but is really easy and intuitive to use the apps even without understanding the instructions. 



Abstractor is an app that lets you create abstract designs with basic shapes. The app introduces artificial limitations to make you be more elegant and creative. Abstractor illustrates semiotic concepts like the notion of abstraction and the types of signs known as icons and symbols. Click here



Compositor is an app where you can compose more complex images using the basic designs created previously with the Abstractor. It is, we could say, another layer of abstraction. Click here



Lexicón is a database / dictionary that collects Abstractor images registered “officially” as parts of the Signotron Language. The app can translate words in spanish to images in Signotron. It is useful to illustrate concepts like conventional signs, symbols and languages. Click here



Graficador is an app that lets you make data visualization. It is useful to practice digital humanities visualizations and to understand the concept of transcodification. Click here



motivomotivo is and app that lets you make patterns composed of designs made in the app Abstractor. Click here