Sergio Rodríguez


I am a Colombian artist and semiotician. I believe cultural knowledge should be accesible and open to wide audiences, and it should make part of our everyday lives and thoughts. Towards that belief, my work revolves around semiotics —a discipline that studies meaning and interpretation— and how it can help us to understand the ways we make sense of the world, our relation with others and our creative expression. My academic interests are close to cognitive semiotics, biosemiotics, cultural criticism, and digital mediation. I also like to paint, draw, and sometimes I try to make music.



2015 — Master in semiotics — Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

2012 — Bachelor of Fine Arts — Universidad de los Andes


Professional experience

2017 —

Adjunct professor

Course: Art and meaning.

Universidad de los Andes.

Arts Department.


2014 —

Adjunct professor

Courses: Semiotics of art and design, Humanities I, Creative writing workshop.

Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

Humanities Department.



Junior researcher

Mente, Lenguaje y Sociedad research group.

Funded by Colciencias and Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano.


2014 — 2016

Co-director and co-editor of

A web site specialized in art and literature, and digital cultural contents.



2016—Recurrences and Human Agential Meaning Grounding: Laying a Path in Walking.

Biosemiotics No. 24. Vol. 9, Num. 2. Pp. 169—184.



2015—Artistas e identidades discursivas. El gran telón, el Luis Caballero de la crítica y el Caballero de Caballero

Hallazgos No. 24. Vol. 12, Num. 24. Pp. 19—30.



2014—Personajes indecisos: discurso, identidad e incertidumbre narrativa

Hallazgos No. 22. Vol. 11, Num. 22. Pp. 41—49.




2017—Biosemiotic Achievement Award 2016. Springer and ISBS (International Society for Biosemiotic Studies).


2015— Academic excellence award. Master in semiotics. Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano.